Nevada County Jewelry Directory

Here is where you can find a jewelry sales and services for Nevada County, CA.   Below is a directory with links to their web pages where available.    This free business directory is provided by Nevada County Commerce.  Do you have a business that should be here - but it isn't?   Is there some information listed here that is not correct?  Just provide us with the information, and the next time we update the directory we will include your business name, phone number, and website address. This service is provided at no charge.    The update link is at bottom of the directory.

Jewelry Manufacturers

Odyssey Metalworks Inc.
(530) 273-5040

Quakenbush's Production Goldsmiths
(530) 274-2777

Snell, Robert
(530) 273-8958

Jewelers - Retail

(530) 273-3722

California Gold - Custom Gold Jewelry
(530) 265-2352

Morning Sun Jewelry
(530) 272-6099

Northern Mines Gold Works
105 Mill St., Grass Valley
(530) 272-8843

(530) 274-0777

Stevenson's Jewelry Supply
(530) 273-9129

Stucki Jewelers
148 Mill, Grass Valley
(530) 272-1266

Jewelry Designers

Moonshadows Creative Jewelry
(530) 274-7660

Pascal Lacroix Design
(530) 265-3654

Stucki Jewelers
(530) 272-1266

Utopian Stone Goldsmith
(530) 265-6209

Jewelry Repairing

Northern Mines Gold Works
(530) 272-8844; 272-8843

Stevenson's Jewelry Supply
(530) 273-9129

Stucki Jewelers
(530) 272-1266